Coyote Gulch

Aut’s birthday was this weekend and her sis was in town…a good occasion for a couple days in Coyote Gulch.  Route was Jacob Hamblin TH cross country to Hurricane Wash and out Crack-in-the-Wall.

Lower Hurricane Wash

Not much beats October in canyon country


Haley in the shadows

Fall colors in Coyote

Black and white fall colors

Jacob Hamblin Arch

Perhaps my favorite of all plants in the fall: Poison Ivy

Coyote is fairly unique in how great the views are at times inside the canyon.  

More Poison Ivy and Maidenhair Ferns

Yours truly trying to fill up with some clear spring water (needlessly and unsuccessfully).

Into the Kayenta in the lower canyon

The nice thing about the sandy slog out is you’re forced to enjoy ridiculous views like this

Through Crack-in-the-Wall

More views from the top

The plan was to camp pretty close to the vehicle so we’d have time for breakfast at Kiva and Haley could catch her afternoon flight.  There was, of course, tons of water on top after we’d hauled up enough for the afternoon and evening from the bottom.  

We enjoyed the sunrise while waking the short walk back to the truck


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