Black Ridge

We had a forecast for snow this weekend, which I quite like hiking in.  Unfortunately I sold both of our shelters recently and don’t yet have a replacement.  A 60″x60″ piece of silnylon with some corner tieouts and a bivy would have to do.


The original goal was to try to find some arches above one of the nearby canyons, but I underestimated the amount of snow on the north-facing climb, or maybe just overestimated my current fitness.  15+ miles with a 1 pm start just wasn’t happening, which was fine (I don’t particularly care about arches anyway).


Hard times…


Great rim views…


Late afternoon between canyons I decided to abort the arch mission and head back to the rim of Rattlesnake Canyon.  Lots of snowy looking clouds but still no snow…




Back to Rattlesnake.  Now’s the time to be here because the upper access road is closed.  Gotta love cherrystem roads in wilderness areas…



I set up camp under a pinyon, started a little fire, and was generally enjoying myself until the snow finally came, but with lots of wind.  I waited it out a bit, fumbled with my silly tarp setup, and eventually decided to pack up and start hiking again.  I of course left my headlamp in the truck, so hiked by the light of my steripen. A few miles later I found a bunch of junipers against a wall and pitched the tarp low to block the blowing snow (like crawl in, 6″ above my face low).  It wouldn’t have been a good idea for more than a night, but worked fine.  It was snowing (without wind) when I woke up, but not much accumulation.  Morning…




The hike home made up for any previous frustration…











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