Sigma DP2 Merrill…wow…

I recently got back from a six day trip in the Escalante area and have too much going on right now for a full report, but here’s a bit of gear geekery in the meantime. Prior to the trip I picked up a used Sigma DP2 Merrill.  From what I’d seen and read on the interwebs, the Sigma seemed like it might excel at the types of pictures I like to take so I thought I’d give it a shot.  I’ve only just started going through shots from the trip but what I’ve seen so far has me pretty blown away.  Here’s a few I went through earlier today.  Not the greatest photos but show the lens/sensor’s crazy resolution and detail pretty well.  I haven’t really done anything to these other than quick brightness/contrast adjustments.  Click for full size.




Like the X100, it definitely has its quirks.  Battery life is downright awful (not going to admit how many batteries I took last week) and the SPP software is a pain.  Video is useless.  The camera was actually great in use and actually feels faster than the Fuji as far as focusing, startup, etc.  I carried it around my neck with the stock lens hood and a UV filter pretty much the entire trip except for a few miles of willow bashing.  The poor high-ISO performance isn’t too much of a problem since I’m mostly shooting in daylight, and I’m often shooting for black and white anyway, which is quite a bit more forgiving at higher ISOs.  My biggest gripe is no viewfinder, but overall I appreciate the camera’s simplicity.

I’ve got a busy couple weeks ahead but hopefully lots more soon…


6 thoughts on “Sigma DP2 Merrill…wow…

  1. Awesome! I just rented this same camera for a 12 day trip on the green river and into the Maze after reading stellar reports on the internet. Took a ton of picts with it and, like you took what seemed like a few pounds of batteries (10 total!!). I have yet to look at the picts, but am hoping that some came out as we had some incredible storms over the Maze. Were the images you’ve posted tripod mounted or handheld? Anyways, always enjoy perusing your blog!

    • Those were all handheld. I rigged up a monopod attachment for a trekking pole from a butchered gorillapod but didn’t use it much. I’m almost done with the pics from this trip and it’s unreal what that camera’s capable of for the price and weight. I made a couple 16×20 prints yesterday and that pretty much sealed the deal as far as keeping it. After working with the pics from this trip my biggest gripe is not being able to batch output noise reduction settings from SPP. If you could just turn off NR as part of a custom setting and export everything at once it would be a huge time saver, especially after a long trip. Going through every one is ridiculous. Love your pics, btw. Really great stuff.

      • Wow, sweet, makes me very excited/hopeful that I got some images that may be able to print big. To think about getting quality 16×20’s from such a small piece of equipment is pretty mind blowing. I have yet to go through the ordeal of post processing yet, so I can only imagine what I am in for. Thanks for the kind words on my work – if you ever are looking for someone to get out with let me know!!

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