More muddy desert boating

I had assumed that the season for boating the smaller Utah waters was over, but while checking the gauges for the Colorado’s impressive runoff, I noticed that Muddy Creek was trending back up.DP2M0077



Gotta jump at the chance for the waters that have such a tiny window, and aren’t even possible many years.


Two Scouts and a Pack Cat, which looked a bit unruly in some of the narrower spots but actually got hung up less than the Alpackas.






We hiked The Chute several years ago with my parents in September and it was impressive to see it in such a different state.


Loads of fun little drops the entire way.




We grabbed the last chance at camp before the longest stretch of narrows.






Hiking around in the evening and morning confirmed that I would have preferred hiking one way rather than a shuttle but it wasn’t really possible with our available time.  Boating and walking compliment each other well; there were times I was itching to walk and when I’m walking with a boat I’m itching to get in the water.  This is a both are awesome situation rather than a grass is always greener one.










Don’t leave your shades on top of your head through here.  They will fall back into the water and be gone.




We had about 140 cfs and I don’t think I’d want any lower.  Forrest says 80 is possible but that seems a bit hard to imagine, though I wouldn’t hesitate to try even if it might be a bit more tedious.  Lines through the many small rapids had to be chosen perfectly to avoid getting hung up on boulders and there was a bit of dragging in the first and last couple miles.






It’s hard to imagine a more perfect marriage of such a fantastic canyon and such fun water.  This is one to redo whenever possible.


5 thoughts on “More muddy desert boating

  1. So good. Thx for sharing. Prelim reports of the Quattro look promising, which is exciting. Will have a print heading your way Monday or Tues of this coming week.

  2. How are the Scouts working out for these trips? Are you getting enough flotation or are you wishing you’d gone with a bigger boat? I have a Yak, but I’m thinking about grabbing a Scout or CuriYak to get the weight down on pack trips. Any thoughts?

      • Thanks for the reply. Are you using anything for a seat in your Scout? On the DD and the Muddy, I’ve hit my fair share of rocks in my Yak. Any problems there? Also, are you dragging more because of the smaller tubes?

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