Stomping grounds

Aside from being an obvious must-visit just by looking at a map, this area has some fascinating history that makes it particularly special.



One of the most rewarding side benefits of doing trips with a baby over the last year and a half has been learning to enjoy things like spending a half day checking out every crack upcanyon.  Miles and hours not spent on overall progress was previously hard to stomach…

_DSC5741 3







Colors were great…

_DSC5835 1



_DSC5870 1




Afternoons are suddenly quite short.._DSC5914



Climbing out for camp is worthwhile this time of year.


White granite washes were a unique experience…



More hours exploring dead-ends…


_DSC6061 1

Lots of cross drainages makes a multitude of loop options look good on mpas, but on the ground is always different.  Three drainages that looked like they would surely get me where I wanted all ended in barely-unpassable dryfalls.  A pass at dusk finally got me where I needed to be.  With 5ish miles to go, half of which I had already done on day one, I decided hiking out in the dark would allow me to do some extra exploring the next day, so I kept walking.  Boulder hopping, yet another head-scratching canyon country miner’s route out, and I was back at the truck for cold beer and cultural catch-up with KCYN CANYON COUNTRY, 97.1…



9 thoughts on “Stomping grounds

      • Thanks a lot for the reply! That’s really funny you say these were taken with the A7R II, because I actually decided before reading your response that I’d hold off on the DP2 Merrill and save for the A7R II. Beautiful stuff, Brendan!

      • Actually, for those lenses you mentioned, is an adapter needed for the Sony? I know so many different lenses are available for Sony’s, I’m just unclear about how to figure out WHAT fits it as is, and what fits it with an adapter. Maybe you know a website that can help me with this?

      • Yes, these require an adapter (I just use cheap ones from amazon or ebay–usually $10-20). The Sony FE lenses are the ones that don’t require an adapter. The great thing about these cameras is you can pretty much use any lens ever made. There are some serious bargains out there and it’s fun to see different rendering styles.

  1. Interesting. So Sony makes adapters that fit their FE cameras on one side and a bunch of different types of lenses on the other side? Say there’s a, I don’ know, a vintage Mamiya lens I wanna use. How do I find the adapter that allows the Mamiya lens to fit the A7R? Also–and sorry for all the questions, I know you’re not an information blog, but you’ve been helpful, and it’s easier to ask someone who has the camera–when you added that adapter to your Contax 45, what did the focal length become? Because wouldn’t there be some crop factor there due to the adapter?

    • Sony doesn’t make them (except for an A-mount adapter to use with Sony A mount lenses). I buy mine on amazon or ebay (just search minolta sony adapter or whatever…there are usually several options). There is no crop factor. Any crop factor is due to sensor size and the a7 series is full frame, so a 45mm film lens will be 45mm on the sonys.

      • I’m pretty sure extending the lens increases the focal length, though. If the adapter were, for example, one foot long instead of one inch long, the image would be significantly cropped, wouldn’t it? I thought I even saw some adapters on B&H that mentioned crop factor, but yeah, I don’t know.

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