Well watered, part II

A lot of catching up to do, so we’ll move backwards.

I woke up not feeling any more motivated.  More rain all night, still raining and judging by the depth and texture of the mud in the small radius I’d walked around the vehicle in the past 12 hours, even just a small handful of miles on the carmel bench on which I sat wasn’t appealing.



Even less appealing was sitting in the vehicle for another day or whatever so after a lot of extra coffee and procrastination it was back out into the wild…




Travel was as bad as expected in places but overall much better than I’d feared.




and then there was rock…






despite more rain I was enjoying myself quite a lot and thankful I’d been stranded into seeing more new places in all of January’s glory














…very nice stroll downcanyon in the afternoon.  No clean loops on this outing so I embraced the disjointed mess of lots of out-and-back explorations.








Tons of (very) fresh sheep sign.  I was sure I’d see them with my mammal luck so far but never saw ’em..








morning stroll…






I love inclement weather but seeing the sun brought much joy…




Full narrows will have to wait…






One of my fav features of the region is without a doubt the often-shocking amount of water outside of the canyons..








Only so much space up between canyons though…








more disjointed explorations…








aaand get on top!



One night with only a bit of rain and a few hours of sun were plenty to afford an escape back to the highway, though the post-trip food scene is pretty sad this time of year throught SE Utah.  A small price to pay…



3 thoughts on “Well watered, part II

  1. The landscapes you visit, being so absolutely foreign from those I visit, never cease to amaze me! Thank you for the excellent photography and glimpse into your part of the world.

  2. I’d lost track of this exceptional body of work but after digging around I tracked back here via your GC trip with David Chenault and lo and behold you are still at it. I’m left in awe and speechless by the photography. Thank you for continuing to share. It effects some us in ways that are proportionate to the effort involved in executing.

    • Much appreciated Martin…I’ve never quite felt fully satisfied by this format and have something else in the works (and a lot to catch up on) so your words are meaningful that I’m still somewhat on the right track…

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