More Fold ramblin



There might not be a place where the old “39′ cliffs don’t show up on a topo” is more appropriate.  This is hard country to negotiate.



After about halfway up crossing drainages is next to impossible so you better hope you ended up between two good ones…_P3M0166

We did, but it wasn’t looking good in a couple places…



Things get a little easier on top, but not much



_P3M0213 _P3M0218

Some (very) early Lomatium blooming before it even has leaves…_P3M0224

DP1M0066   DP1M0083 DP1M0179




To make a proper loop we decided to shortcut across what used to be Bullfrog and Halls BayDP1M0231

The upper reaches of Lake Powell are particularly maddening.  When you figure the amount of time it took for the lake to fill, all those upper reaches were destroyed for what, 20 years of use?  Lame.  The standing dead cottowoods won’t let you forget how recently things were different…


Nice beach spot with views of some of the most awesome wilderness in the lower 48…


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